We are one of the most selective organizations on campus, taking up to 8 teams a year into our immersive program.



This isn't just a seminar. Our graduates are ready to take on the challenges of growing a business.


Potential Resources

Work with our partner startups, professors, and investors, to name a few, who are experts in their fields.

What are you waiting for? Secure your spot.

Our Process

We will walk you through the tried and true methods of starting a venture.
Well, sometimes you will be running.



The very beginning is a great place to start. We make sure your company is on a mission.


Customer Discovery

Hear it from the horse's mouth. Or the pig's, if that's your target customer.



Scared of putting your product out there. You should be. But we make it easy to get it right.



There is no such thing as a company without customers. Do you want just another boring GitHub repo? Let's talk.

Some of Our Focus Areas

Work Sessions

A primary component of the program is ensuring the startups maintain a consistent work schedule. Work sessions will feature resource materials compiled by the Excellerator only available during work sessions.


The Excellerator will bring in speakers twice a month. Topics will focus on early stage startup development, including determining market potential, assigning roles, and incorporating and other legal advice.

Emory Resources

Emory College and Goizueta faculty members will mentor startups on their academic areas of expertise. Startups can test ideas as well as ask for guidance on specific technical topics.

Demo Day

All startups will end the program with a pitch session to our investor partners, preceded by an initial pitch to EEVM members and Goizueta faculty. After brief Q&A, the partners will then give feedback and pursue further commitments.

Some of Our Past Teams

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The Highlight of Your Emory Career

We expect the Excellerator to be the highlight of your Emory career. No other program or organization offers a program
this dedicated to improving your understanding of business, technology, and the world.

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