Sahej Singh

President sahej.singh@emory.edu

        I’m Sahej, a senior at Goizueta Business School studying Business Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Having been born and brought up all over the world, I’m shaped by my experiences in the countries that I will always call home - Scotland (Aberdeen), Venezuela (El Tigre), India (New Delhi), Qatar (Doha) and even UAE (Dubai). I love to learn and, of late, I have become interested in cryptocurrency trading. I’m extremely honored to be leading such an amazing team of inspirational entrepreneurial minds and future leaders at EEVM. From developing sustainable living projects for the impoverished to improving entrepreneurial education systems in third world countries, these are the people that will change the world for the better.

Chris Dale

Executive Vice President ctdale@emory.edu

        My name is Chris and I am a Senior with a double major in Economics and Computer Science as well as a minor in Applied Math. I am from San Francisco, CA. I joined EEVM to further develop Emory’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by exposing the student body to entrepreneurial programs and events. A fun fact about me is that I love aviation and I am in the process of getting my pilot's license.

Bharath Ganesan

Executive Vice President bgganes@emory.edu

        I’m Bharath, a senior at Goizueta Business School studying Finance, ISOM and Entrepreneurship. I am originally from Cupertino, California but I grew up in Bangalore, India and consider it my home. I Joined EEVM 3 years ago because I needed to find a community of people who were passionate about entrepreneurship and I am glad to say that I have indeed found just what I was looking for. A fun fact about me is that I hate having to tell people a fun fact about me.


Alifya Valiji

Director of HackATL alifya.valiji@emory.edu

        I’m Alifya, a Junior studying Finance and Sustainability. I was in Mumbai but grew up just outside of Chicago. While I’ll be in NYC next summer and for the foreseeable future, I am still 100% a Deep Dish Pizza fan. I was drawn to EEVM because I want to help developing countries manage their waste more effectively via a public private partnership. It’s not a tech startup by any means but I still consider a new business, even if it does revolve around waste management, entrepreneurship. I joined to gain a skillset and since then have learned that entrepreneurship is not luck. It’s a process. Today, I’m focusing most of my energy on working with administration, student government, and hopefully all of you to create a supporting environment for entrepreneurship at Emory. I’d love to hear from you! Please reach me at alifya.valiji@emory.edu

Ayushi Ashar

Director of HackATL ayushi.ashar@emory.edu

        I am Ayushi, a senior in Goizueta Business School studying Finance, Consulting and Real Estate. I am originally from Mumbai (India), but absolutely love travelling and adventure sports. I recently visited 12 cities in 12 months - Tyrol, Austria is a MUST visit! I joined EEVM my first semester in college to surround myself with passionate, hardworking, entrepreneurial minds at Emory who want to make an impact in the world. I want EEVM to be the one-stop-shop for entrepreneurship and am working with various departments to bring this to life. My life goal is to work on sustainable housing and development projects in Mumbai and beyond. Real estate private equity and developments are extremely entrepreneurial just by their nature of being project-based and I look forward to what the future holds!

Robert Cash

Director Of Technology robert.cash@emory.edu

Rachel West

Director Of Technology rwest6@emory.edu

        My name is Rachel, I am a Business Major concentrating in Information Systems Operations Management. I grew up just outside of D.C. in Mclean, VA. I joined EEVM because it is the premier club on campus for entrepreneurial activities, and I really wanted to learn more about what it is like building a business and planning events. It has also been a great opportunity for me to grow and apply my technology skill set. A fun fact about me is that I am currently working on starting my own business.

Anushka Pathak

Director Of Sponsorship anushka.pathak@emory.edu

        I’m Anushka, a Junior at Emory College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in Economics and minoring in Political Science. I was born in Satna, India but I went to a boarding school in Ajmer, which is in western India from age 12 - 17 so I grew up in Ajmer. I love travelling, eating and reading. In my free time, I write Hindi poetry. I aspire to be a full time writer one day and move to Prague once I accomplish that goal. I joined EEVM 2 years ago because I found a group of people who shared one of my prime passions with me - my passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. I am honored to be part of a team that brings together people to celebrate the idea of entrepreneurship. A fun fact about me is that I hate chewing gum. The texture weirds me out.

Skyla Janus

Director of Sponsorship skyla.janus@emory.edu

        My name is Skyla and I am currently a Sophomore at Emory University studying Finance. I am from New York and a fun fact about me is that I have an irrational fear of squirrels. I joined EEVM to surround myself with the most innovative, motivated and intelligent individuals at Emory who all share the same passion of furthering Emory’s entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, I hoped to increase my own knowledge on the internal functioning of a business, as I aspire to eventually start my own business.

Ankita Moss

Director Of Startup Studio ankita.moss@emory.edu

        I am a sophomore at Emory University double majoring in Neuroscience and hopefully finance. I joined EEVM to find an entrepreneurial community full of driven individuals. I believe that one's community truly shapes them, and I am thankful to have found a special entrepreneurial community in EEVM.

Austin Mirabella

Director Of Excellerator austin.mirabella@emory.edu

        My name is Austin and I am a senior in the Goizueta Business School studying Finance, Accounting and Infomration Systems and Operation Management (ISOM). I am from Palo Alto, CA and have been around entrepreneurship my entire life. I joined EEVM to dive into an entrepreneurial community and help build the culture at Emory through the Emory Entrepreneurial Excellerator. Aside from entrepreneurship, I am passionate about travel and investing.

Chris Dalloul

Director Of Design cdallou@emory.edu

        Howdy, my name is Christopher. I’m a junior in the college studying Chemistry on a pre-med track. I do some of the design at EE&VM. I joined EE&VM because I’ve always had a passion for innovation and joining a club of awesome, devoted students who share that passion would allow me to develop it. I’m not really fun but a fact about me is that I’m the best whistler Emory has ever seen.

Connor Mashman

Director Of Finance connor.mashman@emory.edu

        My name is Connor, I am currently a sophomore at Emory planning to major in Business with a concentration in Finance and Strategy and Management Consulting. I am from Atlanta, GA. I joined EEVM because I was interested in spreading the entrepreneurial spirit with Emory and beyond. A fun fact about me is that I have played a game of baseball in Turner Field which is where the Braves played before they moved to Cobb County.

Matthew Lieberman

Director Of Sponsorship matthew.alexander.lieberman@emory.edu

        My name is Matt, and I am a current Senior BBA concentrating in Finance, Strategy and Management Consulting, and Entrepreneurship. I am from West Orange, NJ. I joined EEVM because I aspire to be a future entrepreneur and venture investor. I race and work on cars in my spare time and am in the process of getting a racing license.

Naam Srisaard

Director Of Marketing naam.srisaard@emory.edu

        My name is Naam, and I’m a junior studying Information Systems & Operations Management. I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I joined EEVM because I wanted to familiarize myself with a more developed entrepreneurial ecosystem in Atlanta and become part of a team of the smartest, driven, and creative students at Emory. Fun fact: I designed the WoodPEC and Alabama Hall snapchat filters!

Nancy Guo

Director Of Communications nancy.guo@emory.edu


Aashna Goel

Programming aashna.goel@emory.edu

Aleksandra Goryszewska

Sponsorship aleksandra.goryszewska@emory.edu

Alex Dobosh

Excellerator alex.dobosh@emory.edu

Ashley Han

Marketing jhan273@emory.edu

Corbin Balzan

Technology cbalzan@emory.edu

Divij Mathur

Communications divij.mathur@emory.edu

Felicity Lin

Creative Media felicity.lin@emory.edu

Jenny Scheck

Marketing jenny.scheck@emory.edu

John Stark

Membership john.stark@emory.edu

Jonah Reeman

Excellerator jreeman@emory.edu

Jonathan Whyte

Excellerator jonathan.whyte@emory.edu

Kellen Sandvik

Programming Ksandvi@emory.edu

Max Winter

Sponsorship Max.winter@emory.edu

Michael Schaff

Excellerator michael.schaff@emory.edu

Muskaan Adnani

Communications muskaan.adnani@emory.edu

Nirja Mistry

Excellerator nirja.mistry@emory.edu

Praniti Mehta

Excellerator praniti.mehta@emory.edu

Rohan Ugale

Sponsorship rugale@emory.edu

Soham Bhartia

Sponsorship soham.bhartia@emory.edu

Srivats Agarwal

Sponsorship srivats.agarwal@emory.edu

Tess Bunkin

Creative Media tess.bunkin@emory.edu

Yun Ji Chung

Design yun.ji.chung@emoy.edu